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Do the technicians offer iMac repairs?

The technicians offer iMac repairs. These are conducted at modern service centres throughout the UK.

An insured courier service is provided, which ensures your iMac can be safely transported to and from the service centre.

How expensive are iMac repairs?

The cost of iMac repairs is dependent on a variety of factors, such as model, type of damage, and replacement parts needed.

The team pride themselves on offering professional and affordable Apple repairs.

For a no obligation quote, please complete the online enquiry form provided.

iMac Repair

Modern Repair Centres

The experienced technicians work from modern repair centres, which are fully equipped with specialist tools and high quality replacement parts. All iMac repairs can be accommodated by the fully insured courier service, who can safely transport items to and from the service centre.

In addition, all iMac repairs include a full warranty, which covers both work carried out and replacement parts used. The team pride themselves on offering a customers a service that is reliable, professional and cost-effective.

The team offer fast turnaround times, with the vast majority of Mac Pro repairs and iMac repairs completed within 5 working days. You can rest assured that your repair will be completed quickly and effectively.

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If you would like to find out more about iMac repair or , simply complete the enquiry form provided. A member of the customer service team will then be in contact to discuss your specific requirements.

iMac Repair Service

Mac Pro Repair and iMac Repair Solutions

We can connect you with a nationwide network of Apple specialists, whose services include iMac repair. They offer repairs for a range of Apple products, including iMacs, Mac Pros and MacBooks.

All iMac repairs are carried out at a modern service centre, using high quality replacement parts and specialist tools. The team work alongside a nationwide network of insured couriers, who safely and securely transport customers items to and from the service centre.

Whatever your Mac Pro or iMac fault, the team aim to help. They can diagnose and resolve a range of faults, including:

• Damaged screens
• Software issues
• Keyboard damage
• Memory upgrades
• Damaged USB ports

All iMac repairs are conducted by highly skilled technicians, who are experienced in diagnosing and resolving a range of fault that occur with Apple products.

The team provide a comprehensive service, including extensive diagnostic testing and thorough fault testing post repair. In addition, all iMac repairs include a parts and labour warranty, for your peace of mind.

Whatever issue you are experiencing, the team will do their best to provide you with a reliable and long lasting repair. The majority of Mac Pro and iMac repairs are completed within 5 working days.

Book a Repair

To make an enquiry regarding Mac Pro or iMac repair, please complete the online form provided, including:

• Your contact details
• The make and model of item
• A short description of the fault

A member of the friendly customer service team will then be in contact via email or phone, to provide you with a no obligation quotation and to arrange for collection of your Mac at a time that is convenient for you.

Recent Testimonials

i am happy with the overall service that i have received from the team, especially at the initial stages when i received help and advice from jo, your sales agent.

Score 4.6 out of 5

superb service, honest and reliable

Score 5 out of 5

i have just received my sons ipad back from you many thanks for making him the happiest child today he has autism and really enjoyed watching it being tracked to you thanks


Score 4.6 out of 5

fast and friendly service, with a small discount due to having two ipods to repair.
very happy with the whole process and would recommend to friends/family, many thanks.

Score 4.8 out of 5

my iphone had the new charger port fitted as requested.

Score 4.4 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

unable to receive or send emails the trash file is missing.


when turned on the mac wont stop loading and never moves on from apple loading screen.


problem seeing some photos on iphoto all see is thumbnail and exclamation mark. may also need support to relocate library onto external drive and support in speeding up mac getting started.


imac powered off last night on its own. the power cuts of part way through booting up and in some cases screen does not even light up. the imac has been hanging in recent days and have had problems with library on iphoto. assume problems are linked.also disc drive does not recognise dvd discs which play in a separate apple disc drive.


machine does not boot up.screen visible but just has a random pattern. before this the machine had some sparkling pixels on screen. then machine locked up after a few hours


software often crashes during use especially adobe indesign.when using final cut express always have to render. overall very slow i feel it needs a service and perhaps some stuff that i dont use deleting but not sure what i can delete. can you please help. thanks


water damage to logic board needs replacement.quoted x can you do cheaperpls call today if possible as need working as soon as able


s key broken plastic mechanism inside.


i would like to purchase additional ram. it currently has 4gb installed with just x available memory.i could probably do with another 2 4 gb of ram. how much would you charge to install it if i bring my imac in to you thanks.